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Ian Potter

“A brand is just a name until you invest it with the qualities you want it associated with. Nike understood its customers weren’t athletes but people who like to break the rules, wear trainers with anything, so ‘edgy’ was the quality they wanted invested and ‘Just do it’ was how we expressed it.”

Ian has launched and promoted international brands (Nike, Volkswagen, Guinness, Heinz) from leading advertising agencies in the UK and around the world and is a multi-award winner (Lion d’Or, Cannes).

He has also supported UK entrepreneurs - start-ups, SMEs, microbusinesses - and the Third sector, developing brands that work for all online media screen sizes - smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs - where ‘telling the whole story’ is expected instantly, and which can also be adapted for offline applications - packaging, posters, brochures, banners, flyers, stationery etc


Making it work online.

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