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major organisations

Major organisations

Linkit  considered the online needs of all parties,

to create brand promotion for all with huge economies of scale.

The major sponsors and 30+ others:


The award winning London charity based in Westminster:


The beneficiaries: Westminster residents in Temporary Accommodation striving for financial independence.

For Ayesha and other beneficiaries, Linkit 

provided... more...

provided enterprise training, investment opportunities and created these engaging images and professional brands, which distinguished their products and services in online and offline publicity and sales, helping them to grow their businesses.

For the charityLinkit managed and promoted its

enterprise... more...

enterprise training programme, investment fund and business centre and created this 10th Anniversary Review, in online and offline formats, which enabled Vital to circulate, widely and economically, complex outcomes in an easy-to-view format, with first-hand accounts of its positive impact in the local community to reward existing sponsors and strengthen the relationship, encourage new sponsors, attract new delivery partners and recruit new beneficiaries.

For sponsors, the Review Linkit created, was to

the highest... more...

the highest professional standards, enabling them to use it to publicise their corporate values, championed through these local community initiatives/CSR projects, directly to all their audiences – staff, clientele and partners – by featuring it on their websites and circulating links to it in publicity and correspondence.



Making it work online.

Linkit makes service work online with a smile

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